Lisa Miller has more than twenty-five years of award-winning, professional experience in photography, graphic and UX/UI + information design for print, web, signage and video projects in the public and private sectors. Her photos have been published in MinnPost, the StarTribune, the Peoria Journal Star, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. She focuses on helping people and organizations turn their work into a compelling visual representation; explaining difficult concepts through the use of accessible visuals; and producing high quality production work by partnering with printers and mail houses. She is known for working well with teams of differing personalities and work styles to produce something coherent and holistic—much more than the sum of its parts—making people and organizations look their best.

As an award winning photographer and designer for Hennepin County’s Public Affairs Department, she supported seven county commissioners and all county departments. She helped develop the county’s very early internet presence, and championed ways to effectively combine the expanding technology with traditional print and video communications.

Lisa left the county to pursue internet development for nonprofit organizations, government and educational institutions. She also co-founded Digital Access and the Community Empowerment Project (CTEP) to provide technology training and access in order to bridge the digital divide, helping under-served communities in the Twin Cities.

As campaign manager for Ralph Remington’s successful Minneapolis City Council campaign, Lisa then worked as his policy aide at City Hall. She returned to the campaign trail to work on the 2006 primary and general elections for Keith Ellison, Mark Ritchie. She has done extensive photography for the campaigns of Governor Mark Dayton, Attorney General Keith Ellison, Governor Tim Walz, and countless legislative, state and federal campaigns.

Lisa was the photographer for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota for more than twelves years (recently retired). She continues to provide photography and design services for political campaigns. She is highly regarded for capturing moments large and small; providing consistency and continuity of messaging and brand; and meeting seemingly impossible deadlines.